Instroduction of Our Founder

Born in Taiwan, Aaron Tsai moved with his family to Terre Haute, Ind., when he was 13. Two years later his family moved to Evansville. Tsai attended Harrison High School in Evansville and was elected president of the junior class. Before he could serve in that office, however, his family moved to Henderson, where Tsai graduated in 1988. While studying at New York University’s Stern School of Business, Tsai dreamed about starting his own business, then launched his first company.

His first business didn’t fare well.  He decided to turn away from the American market – at least for a while. Tsai returned to Henderson and launched Aimex in November of 1992. Working an average of 100 hours a week during his first year, Tsai developed Aimex into the million-dollar business.