MASEx honored to be part of the 10th Global Family Office Investment Summit in Dubai


The world’s largest and most exclusive gathering of family wealth, with over 600 prominent delegates and dignitaries from across the Middle East and around the globe representing $4.5 trillion+ in wealth, gathered under the high patronage of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Al a Maktoum at the Four Seasons Resort in Dubai for an unforgettable summit.

MASEx was honored to be present at this global gathering of a record number of UAE Ruling Families and Sheikhs, such as H.H. Sheikh Sultan Bin Abdullah Sultan Al Qasimi. Aside from the 400 Family Offices represented at the event, there were elite guests included such as Prominent Business Titans, Royal Families, Private Company Executives, Sovereign Wealth Funds, and others who traveled from 40+ countries and all seven continents to attend the exclusive event.

Aaron Tsai (蔡逸群), Founder and Chief Capitalist of MASEx (名交所) and MAS Capital (名资), was personally invited by Sir Anthony Ritossa to his 10th Global Family Office Investment Summit. Aaron shared his knowledge and insights on the state of Security Token Offerings (STOs) and the application of AI and blockchain technologies, and how STOs and Security Token exchanges, such as MASEx could positively impact the Middle East economy.

During the event, Aaron met with several local real estate developers. They were eager to hear about the new capital raising potential, benefits, and how to conduct a successful STO for their real estate holdings, as some real estate STOs have already been completed in the US and Europe.

According to Sir Anthony Ritossa, Chairman of Ritossa Family Office, “I am especially humbled that it was our most well-attended Summit to date and that so many family offices continue to return year after year to become like family to one another. In addition to doing business together, we are truly united as a community of like-minded family offices committed to fostering peace and global cooperation.”


Some photos from the event

Aaron Tsai and Tomoyuki Nii,

Executive Officer & GM of Investment Department,

the Head of SBI Investment’s Foreign Investment Team, SBI Investment, Japan


During the event, Aaron explained to Tomoyuki what MASEx’s advanced decentralized features are and why MASEx is a Universal exchange, as it can trade all asset categories, including securities, commodities, FOREX, and digital assets.



Aaron Tsai and Sir Anthony Ritossa


Various topics such as how to preserve a family legacy, key investment themes for 2020 and beyond, developing a culture of excellence, strategic philanthropy, and a lot more were discussed at the event.

Anthony shared to Aaron the backgrounds, managers, and business activities of various Royal family offices. MASEx was seeking to establish a joint venture with a local Royal family office.

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Founded by Aaron Tsai, MAS Capital Universal Exchange (MASEx) is a global STO exchange. We aim to become the leading security token exchange by, using AI and blockchain technology to form a decentralized exchange to trade securities, commodities, FOREX and digital assets on a single or a universal trading platform.





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