MAS Capital completed nearly 30 transactions since 1995, including technology, Internet and China based companies’reverse merger and IPO transactions.

  • The first MAS Acquisition reverse merger transaction was completed in 1997 with sloan Electronics.
  • In March 1999, MAS Acquisition III Corp. was acquired by Surgilight in a reverse merger transaction. Surgilight is a refractive laser surgery technology company for the treatment of presbyopia. The founder and CEO of Surgilight is also the founder and CEO of a NASDAQ listed
    LaserSight, which develops, manufactures and markets ophthalmic lasers for treatment of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.
  • In February 2000, MAS Capital completed a reverse merger transaction between MAS Acquisition XI Corp. with Shenzhen based Linux company, established in September 1999.
  • BioDelivery Sciences , October 9, 2000 BioDelivery Sciences merged with MAS Acquisition XXIII Corp. June 2002 NASDAQ IPO raised US$10.5 million (stock symbol: BDSI).
  • , reverse merged with MAS Acquisition LII Corp. Completed multiple private placements for approximately 10 million USD.